4D Payments Gateway - FAQ

The 4D Payments Gateway (for Developers) is not a traditional payment gateway, it is rather a light-weight web server that hosts a flexible yet robust set of self-documenting APIs accessible via any programming language or environment capable of sending a HTTP request. It allows you to easily implement payment processing functionality into your application communicating directly with major payment processors like TSYS, FirstData, Global Payments, Paymentech and Heartland.

Yes, you need to obtain a merchant account from one of the major internet payment processors that we support. If you need help with getting a merchant account please contact us and we will be happy to help. If you are interested in processing through a processor that is not on the list of the processors we support please contact us and we will work with you to add support for it.

I am an admin on this machine but when I try to start the 4D Payments Gateway server I get an "Access denied" error, why? Even though you may be logged on the machine as an administrator by default any application you launch is launched with standard user permissions. Launch the 4D Payments Gateway as an administrator and you should be able to start the server without a problem.

This error usually happens when doing a clean install of the 4D Payments Gateway on a machine which does not have the help files for the necessary Windows PowerShell modules that are used to generate the API documentation. To overcome this behavior you need to run the "Update-Help" command in Administrator mode in Windows PowerShell. This command will download and install the newest help files for Windows PowerShell modules on your machine. After that refresh the Gateway API homepage and you should be able to view the documentation properly.

Still Need Help?

Send us an email at: support@4dpayments.com.