TSYS: Bad BIN or Host Disconnect

When using the TSYS components, I get the error “Bad MerchntBankId (BIN) or Host Disconnect”.

This error message indicates one of two things:

1. That the server is down, which will not happen with the live servers, but is not uncommon with the test servers.

2. The BIN number you used really was “BAD”

When you connect to TSYS, they look at your BIN number and direct you to the appropriate server. The test data that we use (and the demo uses) goes to their test server.

It is possible that your result was not from the server being down. It may be that the BIN number you used really was “BAD”. Did you specify all of the Merchant properties before you attempted the Charge? The MerchantBankId property is where you set the “BIN” number. This is specific to your bank merchant account. It *MUST* be a 6 digit code.

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